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Growing up in the entertainment industry, you may recognize Bridgetta from numerous tv shows, films, and international modeling campaigns, yet Bridgetta has always been drawn to helping encourage others to be their true self, and to stand in their power. She has also been on the air for over 10years with LA Talk Radio and is proud to bring enlightened guests with her show, Soul Sexy. From her successful career as an actress, model, tv/radio host, writer, and producer, Bridgetta has quite a variety of a fanbase.

As a Life Coach who is a certified HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner) and 500 hr CYT, Bridgetta uses NLP, angel guidance, and her own born intuitive abilities to help guide her clients' to step into their desired successful roles in their careers with Soul Recall. She is a successful business coach and PR guru as she runs Wadjet PR, a successful boutique firm in Public Relations, Marketing, & Consulting. Bridgetta is in the midst of writing her new book, life coaching & teaching. 

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Jimi Merk is an internationally known celebrity psychic medium, hypnotist, and healer. With his industrial design degree, he has made custom jewelry design for over 15years. He integrates his healing and intuitive abilities into his spiritual lines of jewelry. He has worked with many celebrity and industry clients, as well as spoken and given readings nationwide for over 2 decades. Jimi touches on what’s happening now in your life to what’s seen in the future. He’ll discuss how your path can change due to past inherited traumas that may have followed in, lineage, and how you can heal to shift the past to transform the future and what that holds. As an intuitive healer, he can see & help you through physical issues in the body, terminal illness, relationship issues, letting go, professional uncertainty, depression, and more. A session with Jimi helps you to see more of your true complete self so that you have a solid chance to change your life for the better. Jimi has a strong track record of being extremely accurate. Jimi also teaches spiritual & self development courses, as well as being a co-host on LA Talk Radio’s Soul Sexy Radio.  

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